Our Programs

Learning Through Play

We offer a cozy, loving and stimulating environment for our children. Every effort is made to support and celebrate developmental milestones and to create an indoor and outdoor environment that balances safety with opportunity.

(Programs information may vary in different locations)

Pre-Nursery (PN) > 2 y.o.

A Secure Start

  • a bright, comfy and social playroom stocked with developmentally appropriate learning materials to inspire active play.

  • familiar with school routines - circle time, snack time, toilet rountines

  • sensory play is always avaliable

  • 2 hours of English + 1 hour of Mandarin/Cantonese

Nursery (K1) > 2y8m

Absorbent Mind

  • ample opportunity for indoor and outdoor play

  • a wonderful array of play materials including dramatic, sensory, musical, literacy, cognitive, artistic, gross and fine motor

  • regular off-site adventures

  • develop a strong foundation on good learning habits

  • 2 hours of English + 1 hour of Mandarin/Cantonese

 Lower Kindergarten (K2) > 3y8m

A Perfect Fit

  • Multi-sport program by sports coach

  • musical program by specialist music teacher

  • violin to start

  • fine arts program

  • enriched language program including Jolly Phonics and Oxford Reading Tree

  • complete interview preparation through fun activities

  • 2 hours of English + 1 hour of Mandarin/Cantonese

Upper Kindergarten (K3) > 4y8m


  • a focus on nature appreciation and ethical living

  • an understanding of our community, the world and our universe

  • weekly Show & Tell and Newspaper Sharing Reports

  • ample opportunity for outgoing educational excursions

  • Music, Sports, Violin, Reading programs

  • STEAM education

  • 2 hours of English + 1 hour of Mandarin/Cantonese

All of our programs are endorsed by TQUK. Student will receive a TQUK Certificate upon completion of any of the program.

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