Why choose Piccolo Monte

We recognise global best practices in early years along with the local features in our Piccolo Monte Curriculum. Our holistic approach with a strong emphasis on creativity, life skills and character building development enable our students to enhance with their dreams to primary years and nurture a lifelong love for learning.
Piccolo Monte Curriculum - the holistic approach
We follow the U.K. National Curriculum Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Our TEAM developed our school-based curriculum under the EYFS framework with elements of Key Stage 1. Our main goal is to ensure quality pedagogical practice consistency is followed and that the children and families experience high quality provision.
Our Team have created our school-based Curriculum to offer a tri-lingual learning environment in English, Cantonese and Putonghua for our students. All languages are taught through full immersion with age-appropriate activities throughout the school year.
EYFS 7 Areas of Learning
• Personal, Social and Emotional Development • Mathematics Development (STEAM based)
• Communication and Language Development (English & Chinese) • Expressive Arts and Design (Music)
• Literacy Development (English & Chinese) • Understanding the World (Creative-play based)
• Physical Development